Re-gathering FAQs

As we prepare for our July 11, Outdoor Summer Vespers, the following safety precautions and protocols have been put in place to create an uplifting and safe environment for all who come to campus. 

Q: What precautions will the church take for this gathering?
A: Bonita will make sure that:

  • We do our best to manage our capacity for our spaces/gatherings through ticket reservations
  • Our spaces will be cleaned and disinfected before and after any gathering
  • Social distancing is practiced
  • There will be hand sanitation stands for guests to use
  • Guests are pre-screened before coming to campus
  • Guests will check-in and screen prior to entering a gathering space
  • Guest will be required to wear masks when indoors and strongly encouraged to wear masks when outdoors
  • Guests are encouraged to find creative and safe ways to greet each other from a distance

Q: Will there be a limit for the number of people who can attend?
A:  Yes, due to our space limitations, we can safely manage 100 guests for this outdoor gathering. Ticket reservations will help us manage the amount of people that come to campus. (See question below about reserving tickets)

Q: How can I get tickets to a Bonita gathering?

A: We are using the Eventbrite service to reserve tickets. (The Eventbrite App creates the most seamless experience for you and the church)

click here to get tickets!

Q: Do I print my tickets and bring them to church?

A: When you reserve your tickets, you will receive an email with an electronic barcode and/or QR code. However, if you download the Eventbrite app, it will hold your ticket for you, or allow you to put your ticket in your mobile wallet.  We will scan your mobile device barcode when you check in. Please do not print and bring paper tickets to campus so that we can minimize the amount of touchpoints you and our volunteers experience. 

Q: Will there be seating at this outdoor gathering?

A: You are encouraged to bring your own lawn chairs and/or blankets as we worship together on the grass near the main doors to the church. 

Q: What kind of pre-screening/screening will you do?

A: A few days prior to our gathering, the primary ticket holder will be sent an online pre-screening form to fill out on behalf of him/herself and his/her family. Simple yes or no questions will be asked regarding COVID symptoms (i.e. have you or anyone in your family experienced a fever in the last 14 days). When you arrive to campus, you will be asked to confirm that the answers on your pre-screening form are still accurate. 

Q: Will I be allowed inside the church building?

A: When indoors, masks will be worn by all individuals aged 2 or older.  The restrooms will be available for use. Other rooms/spaces in the building will not be available for gathering.

Q: How will restrooms be utilized?

A:  One family in the bathroom at a time or a maximum of 2 people in the restrooms. Social distancing markers will be on the floor in the lobby as you wait and there will be an indicator at the front of the line to let you know if the restroom is available.  

Q: Will there be any specific kids ministry activities during this gathering?

A: We love kids at Bonita! They are most certainly welcome at our vespers and we are creating a worship experience that is family friendly. We hope that the songs we choose and the environment we create will engage your children. However, in the spirit of safety, we ask that they remain with you while on campus. 

Q: What if I prefer to wait a little longer before returning to a church gathering, will this event be streamed live?

A: We are grateful that you are being mindful of yours and your family’s safety. We want to make sure you do not miss out on Bonita experiences as you wait to regather. We will do our best to live stream this event. However, we are at the mercy of our internet and data capabilities. At the very least, the event will be recorded and posted to be enjoyed at a later time.