A New Church for a New Future

Capturing the hearts and imaginations of new generations

We Dream of a church where...

We boldly move where the Holy Spirit leads. We humbly seek and submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit and we claim, proclaim, and testify of His power. 

We deeply connect to God and to one another. We are convinced that knowledge about God is useless without an intimate, transformational relationship with him that leads us to sacrifice for others.

It takes everyone to disciple new generations. We are stewards, not owners, of the church for the next generation and we have a call from God to honor those who have come before us and to mentor and empower those who will guide the church after us. 

Worship is life. Coming together in corporate worship is crucial to the life of a disciple of Christ. There is power, conviction, and grace available when we gather as a community to submit to God's authority. We worship not just at church, but in every day and in every part of our lives.