Rooted@Bonita FAQs

How do I sign up for Rooted? 

*Note: Rooted experience sign ups have been suspended during this time. 

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a 11 week intensive journey with a small group of people. It's goal is to activate your faith and be a catalyst for your personal and spiritual growth. This experience will involve daily devotions, prayer, freedom from strongholds, serving your community, sacrificial generosity, sharing your story and celebration at the end of the 11 week journey.

Why would I want to do Rooted?

You want to participate in Rooted because you want a faith that is active, alive and engaging. Because you want to be spiritually challenged and inspired in ways that will make a difference in you and the world around you. The Rooted experience is not easy but it's worth it. You will experience spiritual growth and be changed for the better!

When does Rooted start and how long will it go for?

Rooted takes place on Monday nights for 11 consecutive weeks.

How can I get the most out of Rooted?

The power of the experience is directly related to your participation and commitment to the entire journey. We recommend that if you will miss more than two of the meetings or experiences that you sign up for Rooted at another time.

How long will the Monday group meetings last?

The official Monday meetings at 6.30p will be held in community homes and various locations outside of the church. You will gather for about 2 hours to share food together, connect with each other, pray with one another and have Bible study. Your group will decide schedule dynamics early in the journey.

What can I expect from Rooted?

The Rooted experience is action oriented, high demand and high risk. It's action oriented because you will be praying, serving, breaking strongholds, sharing your story and experiencing life together. The demand is high because you will be committing to 10 consecutive Mondays and 2 activities and experiences outside of the Monday meetings. For 11 weeks you will immerse yourself in Jesus and the gospel message by completing daily devotions 5 of the 7 days each week. Your group will also participate in a serve experience for someone in the community. It's high risk because you will be intimately journeying with a small group of people. You will be sharing your story and they will be sharing their stories which requires a level of vulnerability.

Are Rooted groups "open" to anyone? Can anyone show up during the 10 weeks? Can I bring a friend?

Yes and No!

Yes, anyone can join the Rooted journey. We enthusiastically encourage you to invite others to this journey however they will need to officially sign up and follow the Rooted guidelines.

No, these groups are not "open" during the 11 weeks and new participants will not be added during the 10 week experience. You will journey with the same group of people from start to finish for the entire 10 weeks.

How will I know what group I am in? 

Your pastoral team at Bonita will pray over you and each of the other the Rooted participants. Based on various criteria (stage of life, geographical location, etc.) your pastors will prayerfully create the Rooted groupings. 

How will my $50 investment be used?

Your $50 investment goes toward your Rooted book that will be used daily during this 11 week experience and toward meals at various gatherings. The largest portion of your investment will be used for our Rooted Celebration party at the end of this 11 week journey. 

If I don't have the $50 to invest in my spiritual growth, can an exception be made? 

For those with financial challenges, there are $25.00 sponsorships available. You will be asked to invest the other $25.00.